Negotiation Basics (PRNEG)

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The seminar will provide a practical introduction to negotiation. In this way, participants will be able to get acquainted not only with strategies at the negotiation table, but also the importance of body language, mindset, preparation, diligences after the negotiation takes place … In order to implement what has been taught, the students will get hands-on experience: sometimes negotiating with each-other on teams and sometimes critiquing others negotiation style.

Private training and tailor-made dates

This topic can only be implemented as a private, not only as a closed corporate course, but also as an individual consultation for individuals.

In the case of a customized course, the outline below is for inspiration only. The final training content, length and dates will be tailored to the specific input, needs and objectives of the participants.

We will be happy to prepare a price offer.

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Skrýt detaily
  •   Introduction to Negotiation
    1. What is negotiation
    2. Importance of knowing how to negotiate
    3. Key definitions: negotiation goals and limits, margin of negotiation etc…
  •  Preparations for the negotiating table
    1. Goal setting
    2. The importance of understanding other ways of thinking
    3. Assessing the other side
    4. Identifying alternatives
    5. Designing a negotiation plan
  • In the room: the actual negotiation stage
    1. The three phases of actual negotiations
    2. Tactics for promoting a constructive negotiation climate
  • Negotiation games – real life situations
    1. Participating in a negotiation with other students using the information learned
    2. Critiquing the negotiation techniques of fellow students
Časový rozvrh:
1 den (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)