Leadership Communication (ENLC)

Kurzy vedené v angličtině, Leadership & Management

Effective communication is one of the fundamental human skills that leads to personal satisfaction. Since our time spent at work is the prevailing part of our active life, it is essential precondition for overall satisfaction and satisfaction at work to communicate successfully. Leaders are thus responsible not only for their own satisfaction, but also for satisfaction of their teams and the corresponding results that are to contribute to the prosperity of the whole company. The course participants will learn about the rules of managerial communication, means of convincing speech, argumentation, manipulation and assertiveness techniques. The information obtained will be supported by practical examples and exercises. The key training goal is to allow the participants to increase the efficiency of communications and to achieve the desired results in their teams.

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Náplň kurzu:

Skrýt detaily
  • Self concept
  • Social competence
  • Coping with challenging situations
  • Examples of practical situations
  • Convincing Speech
  • Argumentation
  • Manipulation
  • Assertive behaviour
  • Communication Exercises
  • Feedback
  • Review
Doporučený následný kurz:
Leadership (ENLS)
Časový rozvrh:
2 dny (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)
Cena kurzu:
8 400,00 Kč (10 164,00 Kč včetně 21% DPH)