International Business Etiquette Mastery – Citizen of the World (ENEB)

Kurzy vedené v angličtině, Business Skills

This course is aimed at the Executive manager that has considerable experience with business etiquette. The course will cover key aspects of Business Etiquette, including: office etiquette, professionalism, dealing with personal issues at work, communicating in a professional setting (meetings, negotiations, conferences), business communication etiquette (letters, e-mail, telephone, SMS text, Skype video), business engagements (functions, events, dining), motivating teams, change management, corporate culture and effective traveling. The goal of this course is to cover in detail key aspects of business etiquette and to link how your behavior effects your business success.

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Náplň kurzu:

Skrýt detaily
  • Office etiquette
  • Professionalism
  • Dealing with personal issues
  • Communicating
  • Meetings, negotiations, conferences
  • Business communication
  • Business engagements
  • Motivating teams
  • Corporate culture
  • Effective Traveling
Časový rozvrh:
2 dny (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)
Cena kurzu:
8 400,00 Kč (10 164,00 Kč včetně 21% DPH)