Development of Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Analysis (EMNG10)

Kurzy vedené v angličtině, Leadership & Management

The training is designed for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of critical thinking while learning how the principles of critical thinking can be applied to their practice.

Private training and tailor-made dates

This topic can only be implemented as a private, not only as a closed corporate course, but also as an individual consultation for individuals.

In the case of a customized course, the outline below is for inspiration only. The final training content, length and dates will be tailored to the specific input, needs and objectives of the participants.

We will be happy to prepare a price offer.

The aim of this practical workshop is:

  • to understand and deepen the knowledge and principles of critical thinking
  • to learn not to succumb to manipulative techniques
  • to better navigate the current information age, always with the help of quality resources to make better decisions.

Who should attend this course?

  • team leaders, managers on various leadership levels, leaders and even rank-and-file employees

Teaching methodology:

group exercises, brainstorming, visualization, data analysis, model situations, solving your own situations, feedback from the lecturer, discussion.

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Skrýt detaily
  • Decision-making and the structure of decision-making processes
    1. Decision-making processes and structures
    2. Decision categories in organizations
    3. Distinction between rational-economic and administrative models of decision-making
  •   Identification, analysis and formulation of decision problems
    1. Objectives for solving decision problems
    2. Methods for problem analysis
    3. Methods for causal analysis
    4. Selection of criteria, development of alternatives and determination of their consequences
    5. Analysis of the selected variant
  • The phenomenon of groupthink and ways to overcome it
    1. Cognitive biases of decision making in organizations
    2. Factors that contribute to imperfect decision making in organizations
    3. Conditions under which individuals make better decisions than the group, and vice versa
  • Multi-criteria evaluation of options
    1. Arrangement of variants
    2. Determination of criteria weights
    3. Methods of multi-criteria variant evaluation
  • Decision making under risk and uncertainty
    1. Expression of probability
    2. Decision matrix
    3. Decision trees
    4. Creating a portfolio of risk options
Časový rozvrh:
2 dny (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)