Coaching for managers and leaders (EMNG8)

Kurzy vedené v angličtině, Leadership & Management

At this course you will learn techniques to help you improve relationships in the workplace, develop the potential of your employees, and make it easier to win over your team members. We will show you how to attract employees to coaching and motivate them to cooperate. Graduates of this course are better at developing the potential, creativity and enthusiasm of team members.

Private training and tailor-made dates

This topic can only be implemented as a private, not only as a closed corporate course, but also as an individual consultation for individuals.

In the case of a customized course, the outline below is for inspiration only. The final training content, length and dates will be tailored to the specific input, needs and objectives of the participants.

We will be happy to prepare a price offer.

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Skrýt detaily
  • Coaching and its purpose
    1. Definition of coaching
    2. Coaching process
    3. Stages of coaching
    4. The role of the coach and his responsibilities
    5. Ethical dimension of coaching
  • Building a coaching relationship
    1. Mutual respect in the coaching relationship
    2. Two-way trust and the need for sensitivity
    3. Strengthening the self-esteem of the coachee
    4. The acceptance of attitudes and feelings of the coachee
    5. Making a choice and taking responsibility
  • Creating an atmosphere for the emotional support of the coachee
    1. Active listening tools
    2. Perception of non-verbal signals
    3. Confidence in the ability of coachees
    4. Enthusiasm and appreciation of progress
    5. Focusing on solution and creating an action plan
  • Development and change during coaching
    1. The gap between the current state and the expected development
    2. Goal setting and its operationalization
    3. Experimenting with new changes and its relevance
    4. Experiencing lack of progress and utilizing the experience
    5. Creative techniques to use our own resources
  • Coaching in the organization
    1. Formulating a contract
    2. Internal and external coaching in an organization
    3. Advantages and limitations of coaching for employees
    4. Benefits and barriers of coaching through the leader
    5. Coaching time frame
  • Coaching interview methodology and coaching model
    1. Structured questioning and scaling methodology
    2. Coaching model and its components
    3. Application of the coaching model
    4. Reflection of the coaching process
    5. Encouriging self-reflection
  • Model situations and practices of coaching
  • Discussion, summary, conclusion
Časový rozvrh:
2 dny (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)