Brand building (ENMRK3)

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The brand really matters in products that are very similar. At the same time, the brand can be your gateway among the major players in business. Proper branding and reputation of a business can really make a difference in customer's decision to purchase. Building a brand may not seem worth the effort to some business owners and marketers as it doesn't bring immediate profit but it supports your other sales activities and pays back in the long run.
At this course you will learn how to approach your own brand and what steps to take to build that reputation you wish to have.
The course is designed for those who want to create a brand that will be unique and synonymous with… (quality, speed, reliability, or anything else you connect your business with).

Private training and tailor-made dates

This topic can only be implemented as a private, not only as a closed corporate course, but also as an individual consultation for individuals.

In the case of a customized course, the outline below is for inspiration only. The final training content, length and dates will be tailored to the specific input, needs and objectives of the participants.

We will be happy to prepare a price offer.

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  • Brand
    1. Brand vs. image vs. product
    2. Where to start?
    3. We create the corporate identity
  • Making the right image
    1. It is hard to sell to one who does not believe
    2. An impression lasts longer than information
    3. One question is worth a hundred answers
  • Sales Promotion
    1. Even service is a business
    2. Maintaining favour is harder than getting it
    3. Strategic information
  • Budget
    1. Brand building may not be an expensive business
    2. Key role of satisfaction
    3. Benchmarking
  • Conclusion, summary, discussion
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1 den (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)