Licence and Copyright in IT (PRITEN2)

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Copyright has been, under the Czech law, protected in many levels: in Constitution and Bill of Rights, Penalty Code, Civil Code, Copyright Act. Copyright originates at the moment when the author craft becomes perceivable in any form without prejudice, and the Czech Copyright Law is based on Principle of Informality. The copyright continues even if the author craft is destroyed. The aquisition of ownership right, or other titles or tenure imputable to the author craft, does not entitles to make use of the author craft, if not agreed so by the contractual parties, or not applicable by law. These information and many others shall be brought to your attention during the course in participant-friendly and attractive form. Plus you will get the high quality templates of contracts at the end of the day.

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2.11. - 2. 11. 2018
30.11. - 30. 11. 2018
19.11. - 19. 11. 2018
17.12. - 17. 12. 2018
Vlastní Školení na míru (termín, lokalita, obsah, délka)

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  • Copyright laws
    1. Overview and summary of critical parts
  • Copyright contract
    1. Copyright Act including the updating applied on the contract templates
  • Licence contract
    1. § 2371 - 2383 NOZ and § 1746 subsection 3 Civil Code applied on the contract templates
  • Discussion, summary
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1 den (9:00hod. - 16:00hod.)
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6 900,00 Kč (8 349,00 Kč včetně 21% DPH)