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No organization has become exceptional without excellent leadership – without leaders who can interconnect their team's efforts with the company goals. Managing people is not the same as leading - lead means to unleash the potential of your team, to value people, to respect them and to make everybody contribute meaningfully to the work of the whole. The Leadership development program is designed for leaders who are already leading a team or preparing for this role. You get a new look at leadership today and help you learn new skills and practices. We will show you how to increase your credibility and build trust and confidence in the team, how to define a clear mission and clarify people their roles, to align workflows to help achieve key goals and unlock the unique capabilities of your people. This course is mainly organized as a tailored company training.

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Skrýt detaily
  • Manager as leader - personality
    1. Leader vs. manager
    2. Types of approaches to leadership
  • Self-recognition
    1. Basic elements of personality influencing time management and working with people
    2. Emotional Intelligence, Social and Positive Intelligence
    3. Working with emotions
    4. Stress and its processing
    5. Practical exercises
  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • Tracking and growing of your own satisfaction
    1. Impact on performance
    2. Impacts on energy supply
  • Presentation and basics of rhetoric
    1. Structuring speech (emotional and rational speech)
    2. Point of presentation
    3. Preparation of speech
    4. Who is the target group (leader, team) - 5P method
    5. Principles of successful body language and its use in practice
  • Ratio indicators and their significance
    1. Presentation introduction
    2. The essence of presentation - key concepts of presentation, mind map
    3. Conclusion of the presentation
    4. The last impression remains
  • Discussion, summary, conclusion
  • Action Plan: What do I take away to my practice and will continue to do so
  • The initial course contents (may be adjusted according to the needs’ analysis):
  • Leader’s Communication
    1. Effective communication tools
    2. Active listening, empathy
    3. Effective communication
    4. Techniques of asking questions
    5. Feedback and understanding
    6. Communication barriers
    7. Position and its impact on communication
    8. Influence of communication on building of interpersonal relationships
    9. Communication exercises, model situations
  • The influence of culture on negotiations
    1. Cultural differences - Verbal and nonverbal signals from different cultures
  • Virtual Team - "Remote Communication"
    1. Basic rules and assumptions for remote communication
    2. Implementation into practice - when and under what conditions
    3. Effective tools for practical use (conference calls, meetings, e-mail communication, telephone communication...)
    4. Practical tips on how to reach a common goal in the field of remote communication
  • Argumentation
    1. Setting of goals
    2. Communication partner analysis
    3. Basic elements of effective argumentation
    4. Preparation of potential arguments
  • Assertiveness
    1. Passivity, aggression, manipulation, assertiveness
    2. Substance and meaning
    3. Areas of use
    4. Advantages and disadvantages
  • Primary assertive response
    1. Feedback
    2. Assertive endurance
    3. Open Door Technique
    4. Negative questioning, negative statement
  • Practical application of assertiveness
    1. Specification of problematic situation
    2. Choosing of the right techniques
    3. Communication training
    4. Processing of your own situation
  • Discussion, summary, conclusion
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Leadership Communication (ENLC)
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3 dny (9:00hod. - 17:00hod.)
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13 900,00 Kč (16 819,00 Kč včetně 21% DPH)